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My mom once said, “Tonia, if a fish would talk to you, you would talk back.”  And it’s true!  I’ve always enjoyed meeting and connecting with people, helping them to achieve their goals.  This is the reason I switched from an Accounting career to Organizational/Learning and Development.  I enjoy seeing people succeed.


When I decided to launch Bitters ‘n Sweet Bartending, LLC in November 2015 as a side business, my goal was to take my knowledge and skillset for making great cocktails and combine it with my passion for connecting with people.


Mobile bartending has provided a great opportunity to work with my hosts to create the type of bar they envision for their event.  With each booking, you will have direct access to me to assist in planning, which includes crafting a signature cocktail(s).  You will also receive a detailed shopping list so you will know exactly what to buy.  If you’re planning to host a private mixology class, we will work together to profile your guests and determine the cocktails everyone would enjoy creating. 

With Bitters ‘n Sweet Bartending, expect excellent customer service, professional bartenders and an overall personal experience.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon!



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