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Two years ago, I started research for my vision to expand Bitters ‘n Sweet Bartending.  I wanted to provide additional mobile options to my hosts while still giving them the excellent customer service they’ve come to know.

On February 14, 2021, during an ice storm, I drove down to Danville, KY to pick up my “new” mobile horse bar! 

Meet Geneva!  My Grandmomma’s nickname-sake, who was a bartender for a neighborhood bar in Owensboro, KY during her retirement.  She was more than excited to know that my first mobile bar would be named after her and take on some of her sassiness as well!

Geneva is a two-stall horse trailer that will be equipped with a two-tap dispenser to accommodate kegged beers.  I opted for her paint job to be a sparkly purple color that will make her unique and turn heads (told you she’s sassy like Grandmomma!)

Geneva is available to book!! To learn more about pricing and general questions, visit the Price Quote and Geneva FAQ pages.

Follow me on Instagram as I will be sharing pictures and videos of her out and about!

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